Saturday, 26 April 2014

UKIP, Comedy Gold

Once upon a time i was concerned about how much airtime Nigel Farage and his UKIP party were getting but now i realise that they are being shoved front and centre because when they get the spotlight, they just damage themselves.
Farage on Have I Got News For You got ripped apart and just sat their laughing through the whole thing while Merton and Hislop laid into him and reporters and journalists pull his argument apart with little effort because they are comedy gold.
The 'big' advertising campaign has been suspended after the guy in the first poster sent a series of racist comments on Twitter. The builder in another UKIP poster accusing EU workers of taking UK jobs was discovered to be an Irish actor who migrated to this country, and a woman who appeared on the third posing as a voter from Devon turned out to be UKIP's events manager and an assistant to the party leader.  
After making much of British jobs for British workers, Farage's secretary is German and local election candidate, William Henwood, has said that comedian Lenny Henry should emigrate to a 'black country' while another has called Islam 'organised crime under religious camouflage" while likening the religion to Nazism, and suggesting that the murder of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence has received a disproportionate level of attention. 
UKIP said the party was 'non-racist, non-sectarian and any comments made by members that fail to uphold these values will be duly investigated and acted upon'.
My greatest concern now is that after the racists and bigots are acted upon and removed, the party won't have anyone left to make an idiot of themselves on television anymore.
Keep putting them on TV i say, the Comedy Channel.

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