Saturday, 26 April 2014

Primark Does America

UK based Primark is coming to America with the opening of a megastore in Boston next year and that is either good news or bad news depending on what side of the ethical shopping debate you are sat on.
If you are after cheap and cheerful clothes and you are not too concerned about how or why Primark can offer such cheap clothes, Primark is perfect.
If you find yourself wondering how can Primark offer such cheap clothes, then you may want to go elsewhere because Primark is one of the leaders in making sure there are plenty of well stocked sweat shops in Asia.
A recent BBC investigation revealed that children as young as 9 were working in squalid conditions, sewing tiny beads and sequins onto cheap t-shirts by candle-light and being paid 60p per day. Almost a year to the day 1400 workers died at an unsafe Bangladesh factory making Primark garments leading to Primark paying compensation to the families of their workers who were killed and injured in the accident when the building collapsed.
There have been protests outside British Primark stores which increased when a survey carried out by Populus saw Primark voted Britain’s least ethical clothing retailer.
Primark have announced that they no longer use sweat shop labour but when you are paying for that $2 t-shirt or $13 pair of jeans, you might want to consider if Primark can sell them so cheap and still make a profit (£1.1bn last year), how little must they be paying for the labour that goes into making them in the first place.
The low-cost clothes in Primark can come at a dangerously high price for some.

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