Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Blaming Each Other For Ukraine Crisis

As they say 'Truth is always the First causality of War' and there has been much spinning from all sides in the Ukranian crisis.
Russia doesn't want a countries whose sympathies lay with the West right on its doorstep while America sees the opportunity to get just that in Ukraine.
Russia has embarrassed America recently by spoiling its plans in Georgia, Syria and Iran and America seems to maintain a cold war mentality regarding Russia.
The European Union seems to not know what it wants, afraid of pushing Russia too hard as it supplies a good portion of the gas to Europe, but not particularly wanting to embrace Ukraine too much because its economy is a basketcase and the EU is having problems with the PIIGS nations dragging its currency down. Russia have been accused by the UN of exaggerating the assaults against ethnic Russians in Crimea to justify the integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation. The Russia Today news channel is reporting 11 deaths when Ukrainian government forces recaptured control of an airfield which had been controlled by pro-Russian protesters. International news organisations such as Reuters revealed warning shots had been fired and an officer had his hat knocked off in scuffles but no deaths.       
America has strongly denied any 'stirring of the pot' to bring about the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovich in the early days but while it is saying that it is up to the Ukrainian people to decide their future, the leak telephone conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt discussing who should, and shouldn't, go into the new Government proves that they have been stirring it from the start.
Now with the Ukraine military making movements towards the eastern side of the country, Russian troops massed on the border of Ukraine and NATO talking about bolstering their presence in the area, we seem to be moving towards a place that could spin quickly out of control. 
As for foreign governments meddling in the affairs of another, the Russian, American and EU countries will always deny any involvement but when you are caught with your hand in the sweet jar, it is hard to deny but the rhetoric will continue and Russia will tell everyone it is all America's doing, America will say to all that it's Russia meddling and the EU will sit quietly hoping that it all just goes away.

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