Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tamiflu Scandal

Private companies very reason for existing is to make money and when the prime objective of making a profit comes into conflict with any other objective, there is no doubt as to the outcome as the breaking Tamiflu scandal is proving. 
Between 2004 and 2009, amidst a swine flu and bird flu scare, the UK government spent £500m stockpiling Tamiflu in the belief that it would help prevent serious side-effects from these flu infections.
In 2008, the UK Government asked the Cochrane Collaboration to review the drug that they were buying hundreds of millions of pounds worth but six years later Roche are still withholding vital information on how well its drug works as Roche demand Cochrane Collaboration sign a contract requiring secrecy about the methods and results of trials.
After half a decade of piecing together all the clinical information and Roche coming under pressure from the European Ombudsman and several British select committees, they handed over the review data which allowed the Cochrane Collaboration to finish their review and today announce that Tamiflu has little or no impact on flu infection and actually has significant side-effects such as vomiting, severe headaches and psychiatric problems.
Roche obviously took advantage of panic and fear and cashed in with no conscience of the the health of the patients or the half a billion from the British taxpayer.
One of the largest shareholders in Tamiflu is an American named Donald Rumsfeld who made over $1m from the Tamiflu sales but this wouldn't be the first time that he was part of a team that scammed the British public.

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Yeah yawl should socialize everything because there are never government scandals ever because politicians and people working for the government are perfect and are always worried about others more than themselves. So perfect and selfless...