Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Eurovision 2014

The BBC does get some stick for what it spends the licence fee payers money on but how you can moan about Eurovision when it continues to pay Bruce Forsyth is beyond me but its almost time to dust off the Union Flag, give it a wave and then quickly hide it away again when our singer comes bottom because it's almost Eurovision time again!
Our singer this year is called Molly and the song is, being charitable, not the best tune we have entered so its United Kingdom null points again this year and a moan about Johnny Foreigner hating us and overlooking the song, being charitable again, isn't a classic.
How we can turn out musicians that have influenced the world of music for decades but can't find a tune to win a contest against the powerhouses of Latvia and Azerbaijan has always been a mystery and this year, staying with the charitable theme, we once again won't be troubling the left hand side of the score board.  
Not having heard all the entries yet i can't predict who will win it but one of the favourites is Austria's Thomas Neuwirth or Conchita Wurst if you prefer his stage name.
A pretty man dressed as a woman singing in Austrian about a phoenix, what's not to like!!
Got to love the Eurovision Song Contest.

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