Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sanction On Russia But None on Israel

The Russian bashing continues unabated as NASA announce they are severing ties with Russia because of its actions in Ukraine.
Considering just last week a Russian rocket delivered three astronauts, including American Steve Swanson to the International Space Station, Putin has not said 'good luck getting Mr Swanson back Obama' so yet another ill-considered rant at Russia which is starting to look like a spot of Russia bashing.
Maybe because Putin embarrassed Obama over his plans to attack Syria after John Kerry's gaff but the attempts to portray Russia as some sort of 19th-century aggressor invading its neighbours falls apart when you consider the actions of the US supporting Israel to the hilt over what it has been doing to its neighbour for the past 60 years.    
Israel has not only annexed the Golan Heights and the Shebaa Farms from Syria but has colonised the West Bank and Gaza from the Palestinians with plans to integrate them fully into Israel. Yesterday they announced to build another 700 apartments on Palestinian land in East Jerusalem so the West's political leaders are making big noises about Putin making a land grab for Russia in Crimea while the Israeli land grab continues without a squeak apart from the Palestinians who are roundly ignored.
From here it seems that what Israel and Russia are doing is pretty much the same thing but one country gets sanctions and ostracised, the other is handed $3.1 billion in aid.
Someone should ask Obama and Kerry and the other Washington hypocrites if they are imposing sanctions and boycotts on Russia over its military intervention in Crimea, why not the same on Israel over its long standing, brutal military occupation of Palestine?


Anonymous said...

one is an ally, one is an advesary. why is that so hard to understand?


Lucy said...

Bare faced hypocrisy is not hard to understand, it's why nobody asking awkward questions about it that is hard to understand. The US journalism ranks are not doing their job.

Anonymous said...

Lucy ive been trying to tell you for 8 or 9 years that our press is strongly biased and does not criticize the democrat party and especially the first black president.