Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Petards Hoisted For Evans

It's amazing just how many Members of Parliament, the people who actually make the laws and regulations for the country, don't realise the implications of what their decision make to the public.
As the vast majority of the cabinet are millionaires living in leafy suburbs in huge houses and have never suffered hardship in their opulent lives, how can they possible know what a single mother living on benefits goes through but they still make the laws.
Such a case is Nigel Evans, the former Commons Deputy Speaker, who was an advocate for cutting legal aid and even chaired a meeting of one of the Committees that scrutinised the abolition of defence costs but then after facing a legal bill of £130,000 after his successful acquittal of sexual assault charges last week, has now expressed his regret for supporting legal aid cuts.
Evans said he was shocked to realise that he would not get the legal fees back following his acquittal and is saying that he now regrets his previous support for the cuts.
A glaring admission that the people who run the country have no idea of the turmoil and problems they cause because they do not have to live by the laws that they create and when something goes wrong and they do have to step outside their closeted World, they realise just what an almighty balls-up they have created for the rest of us.
Remember that when David Cameron and George Osborne are next on the TV telling us how their spiteful, ideological driven welfare cuts and the 81% rise in Food Banks are not related. Cameron has a £30m fortune and has never had a job outside of politics and Osborne worked as a towel folder for two weeks and stands to inherit a fortune from his parents wallpaper firm, as if they can possibly understand the choice between buying food or turning on the heating.
As for Evans, your made the bed, you lay in it.  


Anonymous said...

are you saying that in the UK taxpayers used to pay for defense lawyers?

if so, doesnt that mean the government pays for the prosecution and the defense? i would not want a government defender...


Lucy said...

It was legal aid which if you qualified was a fund to help pay for a lawyer who cost a fortune.