Saturday, 5 April 2014

That's Hal?

A few weeks ago I had one of those discussions with colleagues about decent actors that we don't see around anymore, such as David Hyde Pierce (Niles) from Frasier and Paul Gross ( Benton) from Due South. I was always disappointed that Alan Alda of MASH fame didn't do more and how some actors seem to go on a do well even though they never really shone when they were in the spotlight, Cliff and Norm from Cheers for example.
One guy that was mentioned was the man who played Hal in 'Malcom in the Middle' who i thought played the part of the loopy husband brilliantly and who, i was told, was now playing the main character in Breaking Bad.
I looked at his picture and just assumed that the person who said it had been sniffing the Tipp-ex again and ignored them.
Turns out it IS him, Bryan Cranston, so kudos to the make-up team on that show because it certainly fooled me. I have always maintained that all four actors from The Seinfeld show should have been banned from ever appearing on TV ever again and hey presto, i haven't seen any of them in anything else since or as i have proved here, i may have but just didn't know it was them.        

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