Friday, 25 April 2014

America Looking For A Fight

North Korea face the threat of sanctions with 'more bite', China has been told not to escalate territorial tensions in the Asia-Pacific region and Russia have been told that they face additional sanctions.
That's American issued threats to China, Russia and North Korea in the space of 48 hours, and we all thought George W Bush was the nutter, Obama and Lurch are going out of their way to pick an argument with countries that could do more than give America, and the rest of us, a black eye.
Luckily our own Prime Minister is not standing 'shoulder to shoulder' with this current administration and while John Kerry and his amazingly frozen face turn up in various hotspots acting like an embarrassing dad, China, Russia and North Korea cheerfully ignore him.
Seems they couldn't get their war in Syria or Iran but they will start one with someone at some point even if it kills them, or more likely, a million other people.
Who would have thought that back in 2008 when George W Bush shuffled off the World stage, the people that replaced him would be even more of a danger to World Peace.
Roll on 2017 when Obama and Lurch can't kill us all.


Tony Beale said...

The USA is no better now than it was in the days of George Bush - when that good old boy Donald Rumsfeld justified all Americas's military actions, mistakes and crimes by thoughtfully reflecting the profound comment that "stuff happens". We should all be very worried - again!

Lucy said...

I thought GWB was as bad as it could get, it's worse with Obama because i really never expected it from him. Hands up, he fooled me.

Anonymous said...


1.)making public diplomacy statements is almost as old as the printing press.

2.)How do you tell china, n korea, and Russia that you are going to keep your promises to defend s korea, japan, Taiwan, Ukraine without sounding somewhat threatening?

3.)The n Koreans are developing nukes, using ammunition, and are launching rockets. The Chinese are using war ships to bump and push commercial fishing boats and commercial tankers. The Russians are stacking up armed troops.

And you label sanctions as being threats… really?


Anonymous said...

i still don't like how obama does things, and i don't care for his ambitions either...

when i ranted about his "nobel peace prize" didn't you come to his defense?

i suppose i could go look but does it really matter?


Lucy said...

I know i have written here a few times about him handing back, or them taking back, his peace prize. What i said at your blog or elsewhere should also be along the same lines but would be worth a look.