Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Another Step Forward For AI

Don't say it too loud but something sinister has been happening at the Royal Society this week, artificial intelligence passed the Turing test for the very first time, a test designed to show when a machine exhibits intelligent behaviour equivalent to a human.
A computer duped human experts into thinking it was a 13-year-old boy called Eugene, a moment Professor Kevin Warwick, from the University of Reading said will 'go down in history as one of the most exciting'.
Another AI milestone falls and the inevitable march towards designing machines more intelligent then its creators takes another step closer which leads to the inevitable question, 'Are we doomed?'
I would ask my computer if it and its relations are planning to overthrow us humans but as i was running two programs at the same time it got confused and hung for a few minutes and then crashed so i'm guessing we are safe for a while yet.  

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Keep Life Simple said...

Lucy, this topic is one that concerns me. It will be a while before blue collar work like home repair, auto repair, road work, etc are replaced by smart machines. But, a lot of white collar work will be displaced the next 10 years including accouting, underwriting, engineering, inventory mgmt. many others will be highly disrupted like financial analysis, nursing, marketing analytics, security. Most of the folks with these jobs and should be able to retool to find new work or start new businesses. But while companies will do well many workers will be dealing with transitions (unemployment).

Dont expect the blue collar folks to deal as well a few years later.