Friday, 20 June 2014

Nobody Will Miss England At World Cup

As the World Cup on British television runs from approx 5pm to 1am each evening, the blog has taken a bit of a back seat recently but it has been a great tournament so far.
It has been especially satisfying to see the defending champions Spain go out at the group stage, not that i have anything against the Spaniards, it just got a bit boring seeing the same teams lifting the trophies so at least we are now guaranteed new World Champions.
One certainty is that it isn't going to be England who have all but followed the Spanish team out of the exit door but nobody here really expected Roy Hodgson's team to trouble the later stages of the tournament anyway so it isn't really a surprise that we sit bottom of the mini league with nil points.
I'm sure many supporters will have an opinion on why England were so bad at yet another tournament and the South American heat and humidity will take some of the blame but that shouldn't disguise the fact that the English team is just not very good and the crop of youngsters following them up are not pulling up any trees.
The manager Hodgson is also not very inspiring, his teams are not known for flair and creativity and he has bought this methodical approach with him onto the international stage with no success.
The truth is that England going out early will not detract from the tournament at all, sadly nobody will miss us but at least it may hurry up the retirement of the old guard that have failed so miserably yet again and maybe a manager who will choose players to make the team play with a bit of style.

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