Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Poetry Revival?

I have always thought of Latin as one of those things that is only any good to people who want to go on and teach Latin to other people who want to go on and teach Latin and the same goes for poetry.
I am not much of a fan of poetry, it has just never really appealed and rather controversly, it appears easy.
The fact that i can name the number of famous working poets on one finger, Andrew Motion, and that's only because he was the poet laureate, who it is now i would have to Google.
Every now and then there is a push to market Poetry and try and make it 'cool' again but every time it fails so i am obviously not the only person who could quite happily never have to listen to rhyming couplets ever again.
Unless there is a dramatic shift, poetry will always be the poor relation in the field of writing and Jeremy Paxman seems to think it is because poetry doesn't engage with ordinary people anymore or it's all bit sniffy as we would say but it also seems a bit miserable to me, not many poems are cheerful.
Poetry, it appears, is for other poets to read and not for the masses and i can't see how that can ever change.


Keep Life Simple said...

To me it is complex. The lilt doesnt add any value, doesnt make me feel more human, doesnt communicate more insight, doesnt open more emotions or intellect, Just causes a boring headache.


Lucy said...

I don't think that we are in the minority on this one.