Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Thanks For The $1bn Obama

Barack Obama has promised $1bn to bolster Americas military influence in Europe. Thanks and all that but why?
Obviously it's to deter the evil Russians from invading Poland or Spain so the the US President has said extra military equipment would be sent to the region and  more American troops would take part in military exercises.
'Today, I'm announcing a new initiative to bolster the support of our NATO allies here in Europe' he said in Warsaw and received a very ungrateful sounding 'we don't want it, go back to America' from almost every European except the gleeful politicians.
I guess as America is in a situation where all it's children are properly educated, it's schools are well equipped, health care is immaculate, its economy is booming and nobody is homeless or unemployed, then i guess spending a billion dollars on a continent 4,000 miles away on a threat that is non-existent makes sense.
If all those things are not happening in the USA, and i was an American taxpayer, i would be calling my congressmen to ask why was i paying taxes to support a military presence for an ungrateful EU and not to the citizens of this country and the struggling economy in the US.
Of course it isn't really anything to do with worries that Russia will invade us all unless Uncle Sam is stood between us, anybody believing that line is either a useful idiot or just an idiot, it's actually about funding the ridiculously profitable US defence contractors and maintaining a sky high defence budget by hyping up Putin as a Russian bogeyman which is all very fine for the beneficiaries of the defence contracts but really sucks for the American taxpayers who have to fund it!
Especially when Europeans don't want it, don't need it but will willingly take it because it's coming out of the pockets of Americans and not Europeans.
Actually, that's a point so maybe we should nudge it up to $5bn Obama, China is on the same land mass as Europe remember and Iran has been looking at us funny lately.
I'm sure the American taxpayer's wouldn't begrudge a few more cuts or raising tax to make sure we don't wake up all speaking Russian tomorrow.
Party On Europe, America's paying!!

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Anonymous said...

that isn't even a rounding error for the state of California, much less the USA...