Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hiya Li

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang has landed in Britain on a 3 day trip and we rolled out the red carpet and swiftly swept any concern over China's human rights record under it.
Despite not being his countries head honcho, he was granted an audience with the Queen and got to walk up a guard of honour and you could almost hear the Government rubbing its hands together at the potential tens of billions the Chinese have just looking for an investment opportunity in a favoured country. 
I guess for enough money, we'll keep quiet and let them shake hands with the Queen.


Anonymous said...


I gotta admit I never know what your angle will be. China is one of the world's worst civil rights violators and you criticize your government for doing business with China instead of criticizing China. Interesting approach.

not invalid. just interesting.


Lucy said...

It is always about the angles, i can't say that enough. Anyway, I bashed China and their human rights record about 5 posts ago.

Keep Life Simple said...

I reread. You call that a bashing?