Sunday, 22 June 2014

Treating Sunburn

As inevitably happens at least once each summer, we were caught without suncream and i am now the not so proud owner of a pair of arms and shoulders that are glowing bright enough to land aircraft.
The first course of action was to blame my husband for being stupid enough to think that i picked up the suncream when i thought he had and after that it is slap on a bucket of after-sun and turn to the internet for cures for sunburn.
As usual Google provides and the remedies range from applying cold tea bags and milk to slapping on the juice of a tomato and an apricot.
All the sites that seem to have a degree of something medical about them advise to avoid hot baths and soap, bath oils and body wash as this will only irritate the skin further. All also advise aspirin or ibuprofen as a pain reliever. 
There are a few common methods on how to deal with the sunburn and applying anything which contains aloe vera is highly recommended as is soaking a washcloth in cool water and apply it directly to the burned areas for several minutes.
While a few sites will advise raiding your fruit bowl or salad drawer in the fridge, the potato apparently makes for a wonderful pain reliever. Either blended into a paste or even just cut in half and dabbed on the affected area, the good old spud is the way to go for relieving the pain of sunburn.
If anybody wants me i will be in the vegetable section of the supermarket smelling faintly of old tea bags.


Nog said...

Aloe Vera always worked pretty well. Of course, wearing sunblock and not getting burned in the first place is always the best policy.

Lucy said...

Happens at least once a year, we both thought the other one had picked it up . I also got bitten on my leg by somethingy but that's for another post moaning about the bloody summer.

Keep Life Simple said...

Lucy, ive had 3 kinds of cancer and 10 skin cancers surgically removed. Stop getting sunburns!


Lucy said...

Was a pure accident q but i won't be in any rush to do it again, it's very painful!