Sunday, 8 June 2014


Us English have always thought it a bit wrong that we gave the World football and the World then got much better at it and then won all the cups but this year in Brazil we have the chance to add to the solitary tournament win to our name and finally fulfil that song about Football Coming Home.    
Of course we won't but then neither will 31 other teams and the smart money is on the English playing the 'who do we support now' game after the second game of the Group stage. As Germany has the most Arsenal players i will probably be donning an Angela Merkel style wig, dig out the Kraftwerk records and stick a couple of dots above the 'u' in my name but i usually play the game of who i DON'T want to win it. 
Australia has the stupidest nickname in World Football and luckily they are not very good so the chances are the Socceroos will be out at the same time as us while Brazil are at home and expected to win and Spain are the current Champions so i don't really want them to win it again.     
Uruguay have the cheating Suarez, Portugal have the arrogant Ronaldo and it would really stick in Arsenal fans craw to see the Netherlands, and therefore van Persie, win anything so that's the field narrowed down a few more.
Russia have ex-England boss Capello managing them so we don't want them to win anything and the USA insist on calling it Soccer and nobody will be watching it there anyway as it's rounders season. 
Although they have as much chance as the TV cameraman not finding a dancing, half naked Brazilian woman at every game, Japan and South Korea can win it as can any of the African teams and France, Switzerland, or Italy.
Regardless of who wins, i hope that it is played in an atmosphere of friendship, bringing us all together in a collective moment of joy but most importantly reminding every Irish, Scots and Welsh person that we meet for the next month that England made it to the Finals and they never.

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