Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Badminton With The Evil Taliban

I know that if i was taken prisoner by a group of  religious nutters the last thing i would want to hear is my Government coming over all 'we don't do deals with terrorists'. I would be screaming 'FORGET THAT, DO A DEAL WITH THEM' so it seems, a bit harsh for people to having a go at Obama for doing a deal with the Taliban to free soldier Bowe Bergdahl after five years.
When one thinks of a hostage, what comes to mind is a dank, damp cell with bread and water and someone squirting you with a hose once a day. The second chuckle brother, Chuck Hagel, said the Taliban-Bergdahl prisoner exchange was 'essentially to save his life' but reports indicate, however, that Bergdahl was allowed to cook and make his own tea, played badminton with his handlers and celebrated religious holidays like Christmas and Easter.
As the Taliban prisoners were held at Guantanamo Bay and were subject to water boarding, torture, sensory deprivation and solitary confinement, making your own tea and eating an Easter egg doesn't much sound like essential to save a life' to me unless it was a very long attempt to make him diabetic.
Of course the Taliban are ruthless murders and human right violators but it's a massive propaganda coup when the supposed bad guys are handing out Christmas presents and batting a shuttlecock back and forth with prisoners and America are water boarding and shackling theirs.

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