Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Iraq Debacle Continues

You can almost hear the cheers of 'Thanks Tony, Thanks George' as the poor Iraqis undergo yet another bout of killing and mayhem all of which can be directly linked to what London and Washington did 11 years ago.
Terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) have taken over the city of Tikrit to go with Mosul, Ramadi and Falluja along with the countries largest oil refinery in Baiji. Baghdad is expected to come under fire shortly which will multiply the 500,000 displaced Iraqis escaping from the cities already under ISIS control. 
For the past three or four years, the Iraq debacle has slipped off the radar as the focus shifted to places such as Syria however the level of violence in the country has continued unabated.
According to the UN, Iraq suffered its bloodiest month this year in May, with around 800 people killed by terrorists but the blood has been freely flowing all over Iraq ever since Bush’s and Blair’s military misadventures in 2003.
The West have already began the pathetic hand wringing, desperately trying to avoid any connection between it kicking down the walls and filling the country with terrorists and then pulling out to leave the Iraqis to their fate and what has happened ever since.  
That we are supporting these same people in Syria adds another level of madness to the situation.
UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said there was 'no question' of British troops returning to Iraq, five years after they ended combat operations there so it's sorry Iraqis, you are on your own guys as it's Mission Accomplished as far as we are concerned and Tony Blair deposits another fat cheque in his bank and George W Bush hangs another painting in his library and scandalously neither have been held accountable for the 11 years and continuing of misery they inflicted on the poor people of Iraq.


Keep Life Simple said...

Yeah, iraq was a shitty place to live under Saddam and he killed tens of thousands of his own people each year. The latest militants will return to those days. Note they dont mind killing tens of thousands of their own people and have done most of the killing the last 10 years. They seem happy to return women to a subserviant role in the process. Bush and Blair and the allies gave iraq a chance to change their destiny. Looks like a big fail now that Obama is turning a cold shoulder...


Keep Life Simple said...

Oh yeah one other thing - if we did this for oil (which i never advocated or believed) then that was an epic fail too... But then that was never the motive.


Lucy said...

Obama was left holding the bag after the awful decisions your guy made. What Obama did with the bag once he got it is up for debate but he never instigated it, Bush did and Blair followed.

Anonymous said...

actually, while W instigated it, Obama CHOSE to be president. I'm beyond tired of hearing him say he inherited wars and a bad economy.