Sunday, 15 June 2014

Shut Up Blair

It seems whenever there is mention of military intervention, especially in the Arab World, Tony Blair sticks his repulsive head up to support the dropping of a few more bombs and rather than someone whispering that he should give it up as he has inflicted quite enough damage for one lifetime, he gets to spout off in the media.
Most of us thought that George W Bush was the moron but he has had the sense to keep his head down and paint awful pictures instead while Blair advocates more war everywhere. 
Under the delusion that anyone cares about the failed leaders opinions, he is now urging the UK and US take military action to sort out the growing problems of Iraq while denying that he is in anyway to blame for what is happening.
Like all the politicians and the deluded number who supported his and Bush's actions in 2003, he seems very keen  to send someone else's child to die fixing the mistake that he hasn't even got the decency to admit was a mistake, a mistake that has obviously achieved nothing but slaughtered a million while ruining western credibility and creating more enemies than you we can count.
Blair is not going to volunteer to take a gun and be parachuted into Mosul so why would any sane person pay any attention to him now?
Astonishingly self-deluded and can someone please strip him of the idiotic title of Peace Envoy.

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