Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Revolting Cabbies

If there is one business that i would actually cheer if they went under it is taxi's. Not only are they the worst drivers on the road, but they would fleece you as soon as cut you up so the fact apart from the taxi drivers immediate family, i am not hearing much sympathy that they are protesting.
The revolting cabbies are not happy that a new app called 'Uber' is taking their business. Uber allows users  to order a car at the touch of a button, and the fare is estimated calculated using GPS tracking which is very different to the cabbies present business model of driving the long way around and charging you a fortune for it, paid in cash which doesn't always make it onto their Tax Returns.  
That is what the cabbies are protesting about, that Uber sets the fares beforehand so there is no chance of robbing the customer, especially tourists and people who don't know the area who get taken to the cleaners with their extended journeys & underhand meter practices.
The best thing is that Uber was a relatively little known app so there actions have awaken many more potential customers to the app and is great free advertising. If you hadn't about it before your certainly know about it now. Nice work cabbies!
Of course we could have see the cabbies going slow, being inconsiderate and blocking the road and just thought it was a normal day.
The long days of cabbies ripping us off are almost over, and they hate it. Let them whither and die i say and good riddance.

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Keep Life Simple said...

In the USA many cities are now requiring Uber drivers to get a license. Ditto with apps that allow people to rent a rooms...

The cities want their fees and taxes!