Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Avoiding The New Star Wars Film

I saw the original Star Wars about 10 years after everyone else, i think it was on TV one Christmas Day in the 80's and i was unable to avoid it but i have made sure that i have missed everyone one since.   
It's just not my thing but this Christmas one of the challenges to negotiate will be to avoid the new film Star Wars: The Force Awakens which has just been released and will dominate everything for the next few weeks.
I do get the irony of writing a post about wanting to avoid all things Star Wars so on that front i have already failed but i see it as more of taking one for the team for other people like me who want to keep away from sci-fi geeks excitedly fondling their light-sabres
Google Trends show places where the most interest in the film is and if you live in the UK, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, America or Canada then its not good reading because that were interest is at its height.  
The only option is to take an extended holiday until the Star Wars fans have retreated safely back to their bedrooms and the destinations where Star Wars interest is lowest is most of Africa, Central America and the North Korean's don't seem overly enthused either and Pyongyang is beautiful at this time of year apparently.

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