Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas Phobias

Wizard wished it could be Christmas everyday and while that would be amazing to the vast majority of us, to some it would be a nightmare because not everyone loves this time of year and some people even have a phobia about all things Festive, a condition called Festivalisophobia.
There are Selaphobes who have a fear of flashing xmas lights, Meleagrisophobes who have an acute fear of turkey, Cyssanophobia which is the fear of kissing under the mistletoe and Ghabhphobia which is the fear of receiving presents.
There won't be any trips to the local Church this Christmas for Krikophobes who fear church services
or Teleophobes who just fear all religious ceremonies.
Ligyrophobes fear crackers going bang and don't expect a Syngenesophobe to open the front-door to you this Christmas as they have a fear of the relatives & relations and probably not a good time for Phagophobes either as they fear eating.
I did check and Claustrophobia is not a fear of Santa Claus.

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