Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Springtime For Donald

I have been reading how US Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, thinks it is a good idea to incite hatred and blame against a whole religion.
I'm sure someone did that previously back in the last century and we still have places such as Auschwitz to see how that ended up.
'Believe you me, this guy Hitler had some good ideas but he didn’t go far enough' Trump explained to a Republican meeting but the admiration for Hitler shouldn't come as a surprise as courtesy of the divorce proceedings against his ex-wife, we know that he kept a book of Hitler's collected speeches, My New Order, beside his bed.
Could explain his other bright idea if he gains the top job such as closing all mosques across America, forcing American Muslims to register on a database and issuing them with a unique ID.
No mention yet if the unique ID is a yellow star stitched onto their clothing but Trump does have previous in his admiration of all things NAZI when his campaign poster sported soldiers wearing the SS insignia on their armbands.
I do wonder if this is all a farce by the Republicans in the style of 'The Producers' where Mel Brooks sets out to make the worst ever film and comes up with Springtime For Hitler.
It could be a masterstroke to let Trump have his head knowing he will channel his inner Adolf until he goes too far and is forcibly removed from the race and thereby leaving any of his fellow Republican colleagues to look moderate in comparison.


Keep Life Simple said...
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Keep Life Simple said...

What is your source because I don't believe it. I searched and found where the left and democrats compare him to hitler, which they do to every republican, and in his response he said he is doing what FDR did. I could not find anywhere that he praised hitler...

Falling on a bruise said...

Oh doubtful you, as if i would use a quote without it being at least doubt sourced, that's a golden rule.

The BBC News 24 discussed it (also his liking of Hitler's speeches book) but for your delectation and delight, here it is on the internet:



Keep Life Simple said...

I expected you to have a source. That is why I asked! I know you think your journalist ways add some kind of credibility.

His comment was stupid. However, it was not harmful to him. The left was already comparing him to hitler so he didn't lose any votes to them. The right is not going to suddenly support Hillary because of his statement.

Most of the people in the middle realize that he was just provoking the left - which probably worked. Well, based on the comments associated with the article, certainly did provoke the left.

I doubt he cares if he is banned from the UK. I would not care...