Sunday, 27 December 2015

Dont Mess With Texas

Europeans have a wide and varied taste in music so we welcome Orchestras from the United States to our continent in 2016 with the National Symphony Orchestra touring Europe in February 2016, the Los Angeles Philharmonic is touring in France, Holland, Luxembourg and England in March and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will be visiting Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria in May and June.
On the list should also be the Dallas Symphony Orchestra but they have decided that: 'Due to the recent and tragic events in Europe and the United States, we believe that there is an elevated risk to the safety of our musicians and their families, guest artists, DSO personnel and travelling patrons, and therefore will not be proceeding with the tour of Europe at this time'. 
Following hot on the heels of the DSO decision comes another withdrawal as the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra have called off a six-city tour of Spain in May.
Maybe it's something in Texas folk that is not in people from LA or Pittsburgh but it's brilliantly ironic that the Texans choose to stay in the USA with its nutty gun laws and mass gun killings on safety grounds where people get shot as an everyday event and not due to a rare terrorist attack.
A common phrase i have heard spoken by men in stetson hats and cowboy boots is that everything is bigger in Texas and that certainly seems true, the yellow streak down the back of their Orchestra's is huge.


Keep Life Simple said...


First, most people of Dallas are not Texans. They are people that moved to Texas from somewhere else and lack the true Texas spirit.

Second, I've never heard a Texan say "everything in Texas is bigger". It is usually outsiders trying to fit in or something.

Third, my observation, most people that wear big hats have never ridden a horse or worked cattle.

Fourth, It is not my Orchestra.

Last, it is possible, some dim hope that they have picked up some Texas spirit even if minuscule, and this is their way of saying they don't want to travel to a place where the people are scared to defend themselves

Falling on a bruise said...

To answer your last point first, i wouldn't say it is scared to defend ourselves but more we see and hear what happens in America and think you are nuts and consider mass shootings in schools and theaters worth the price of your insane gun laws and say 'why would we want that here'?

To answer your other points the Dallas Orchestra is representing Texas so their example is therefore applied to all Texans.

Finally, in my minds-eye Texans are a mix of James Dean in Giant, Buddy Holly, Yosemite Sam and the rich Texan from the Simpsons. I now also think of people carrying a Violin, Piccolo and a Tuba running away.

Keep Life Simple said...

Funny, that is how I think of Brits, running away!

Falling on a bruise said...

With a piccolo and a Tuba?

Keep Life Simple said...

Hmmm, no not with instruments...