Thursday, 17 December 2015

Star Wars Weather Forecast

If you are trying your hardest to avoid all things Star Wars it may be best to avoid the weather forecast as phenomenon seems to have crept into the most unusual places.
Massive credit to Channel 5 weather presenter Sian Welby who delivered the entire live forecast using Star Wars references.
The weather forecast went as thus:

Well, it's another unusually mild day today with a Leia of cloud covering the UK, but if you Luke father west you will be seeing a glimmer of sunshine, if you're wookiee.
However, there will be a fairly light breeze, the force is strong though for northern Scotland and then
tonight the weather strikes back as a deep area of low pressure pushes in from the west, creating storm-like conditions for Northern Ireland and western Scotland.
Don't be a trooper, please take care on the roads, it could be difficult driving conditions.
Now, if you're forced to awaken early tomorrow morning, it will be on the dark side but as you can see, fairly mild with temperatures in double digits.
Far, far away to the south-east of England, there's a new hope for some sunshine developing in the

Very clever Sian.

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