Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Happy Holidays (aka Merry Christmas)

It seems to be much more of a thing in America but i have never wished, or been wished 'Happy Holidays' which sounds a more likely thing for Summer rather than Christmas to my ear. 
I'm an atheist and a strange as it sounds, i don't associate the 'Christ' part with Christmas at all, it's just the name of the bit of season when Santa shows up and the presents are handed out so i don't really understand this 'war against Christmas' that i read about on American sites.
I remember Birmingham City Council renaming the whole of the Christmas and New Year period as Winterval a decade or so ago which sparked a bit of controversy but apart from that, i can't say i have noticed the word Christmas being removed or changed to a less sensitive word here.   
It seems that nobody in America says 'Merry Christmas' anymore, it's 'Happy Holidays' to avoid offending the non-Christians and any specific mention of the word 'Christmas' or its religious aspects are avoided and i have seen online such things as 'holiday trees' and how Wal-Mart managing to not use the word Christmas once in their Christmas advertising campaign.
The ire for this state of affairs seems to be aimed at atheists and leftists trying to force secular-ideology onto the American public and as one right wing website points out, that secular road leads to 'sky-rocketing rates of single parenthood, divorce, crime, drugs, venereal disease, depression and homosexuality.'
It finishes that 'The American people will not allow Christmas to evolve into a winter solstice, secular-progressive holiday' and i agree with them despite being a leftist atheist, but why be so weird and creepy about it?
I imagine the people who decide to drop the Christmas word are doing it for what they perceive to be the right reasons, to not cause offence to non-Christians as over-protective as that may be and not to usher in a glorious period of syphilis and gonorrhoea.
To be honest i don't give a second thought to whether a person celebrates it or not, I wish them a Merry Christmas anyway and leave it up to them to either accept it or ignore it as they wish the same way as if someone wished me a Happy Eid, i wouldn't be upset, angry or berate them for hoping that i have a happy time on a day I don't necessarily celebrate, and i would guess 99.9% of non-Christians would feel the same way if you hope they have a Merry Christmas.
Now stop being so politically correct, forget the Happy Holidays nonsense, stick this business card for the divorce lawyer in your purse and stuff a mince pie in your cake hole.


Keep Life Simple said...

Yep, if saying merry Christmas pisses someone off it can be grounds for dismissal...

Falling on a bruise said...

Has someone really been sacked for saying Merry Christmas??

Keep Life Simple said...

Not directly but it starts there then escalates.

I have seen people say it, then have someone complain to HR, then the counseling with HR doesn't go well then fired...

Keep Life Simple said...

I work for a large company and there is a steady stream of law suits related to "hostile environment".

Example -
A week ago my boss was joking we me about him needing Botox. A nearby secretary heard it and told me it bothered her.

I was required by my company to tell my boss his remarks were taken as hostile environment and to avoid the topic.

If it continues, I'm expected to report him to HR and our Ethics Officer.

Basically, to minimize lawsuits we have to restrict our conversations to work related topics.

We are expected however to not just tolerate recent changes like same sex marriage but to actually weed out dissonance. Ditto efforts to include all races, women, all religions, atheism.

The federal government has created most of its change via civil lawsuits that target corporations and by requiring quotas for doing business with the government (50% of the economy).

Falling on a bruise said...

Must make for a lousy working atmosphere. Luckily that isn't something that has made it across to us.

Keep Life Simple said...

On the one hand we don't have as much joking about, on the other hand fewer people get hurt feelings