Thursday, 17 December 2015

Mourinho Not Looking So Special Now

Arsene Wenger could quite rightly ask who the specialist in failure is now as Jose Mourinho has been sacked and leaves his club in 16th place and 1 point above the relegation zone.
No longer will we be subjected to his dour expression and monotonous droning and blaming everyone else ever again, that is just as soon as he has stopped blaming everyone else for his firing as he seems to have blamed everyone from the team doctor to the ball boys for each of his defeats this season.  
About as bad as an example of how not to conduct yourself as a person and a manager as you could wish to see so i am glad he has been given the hook, not sad to see this arrogant little man go.
Is a shame though, i was enjoying the weekly Mourinho and Chelsea meltdown but i guess a certain doctor and a fellow manager in North London are having a good chuckle.


Anonymous said...

Here Benitez is having a lot of difficulties in the Real Madrid, so now it's said that he might be kicked off and Mourinho would come back. It's odd why so many people wish Mou in the Madrid again, because his most memorable deed was his violent attack on Tito Vilanova (the finger in the eye), not his scarce titles.

I would like Mou coming back to the Madrid. I always enjoy to see the Real Madrid failing and making fools of themselves, and Mou would get it. Amunt Valencia!

Falling on a bruise said...

There do seem to be linking him to quite a few teams but as long as he doesn't end up at Arsenal i don't really care what he does.

Keep Life Simple said...

I'm jealous. You have more than one blog reader...