Thursday, 10 December 2015

Trump Supporting The IRA

I don't know anything about South Carolina and a Google search of famous faces from that US State shows only Jesse Jackson and James Brown that i recognise.
What it is famous for now is hosting the Donald Trump conference during his toe-curling 'Ban Muslims from America' speech which has attracted not only the brickbats from pretty much everyone but also because it appears to be a hotbed of bigots and racists.
While the spotlight appears to be on the follically challenged one, what i haven't heard mentioned is the reaction of the crowd, who whooped and cheered the idiots mad ramblings.
The petition to ban him from the UK has reached over 400,000 and is eligible to be considered for a debate on the issue in the House of Commons but Trump has hit back with the zinger that the UK should be thanking him.
Some of his supporters are saying it is only because Trump is 'serious about stopping terrorism' that he has taken the hard core line but that all seems to unravel when the photo above from 1995 shows him shaking hands with IRA mouthpiece Gerry Adams at an IRA fund raising dinner in New York.
Four months later an IRA terror attack caused carnage in London’s docklands so his stopping terrorism credentials are not quite so shiny as here he was actively supporting and helping to fund terrorism.

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Keep Life Simple said...

I don't think terrorism can be stopped. I think it can be minimized. Obama is probably doing as good as can be done. But it should be pretty obvious that we increase risk by letting Muslims come to America, though the risk increase is likely small.

Lots of people are tired of Obama. 8 years is a long time. He has been the most critical president of the nation ever. Trump is simply taking advantage of obama's America bashing.

We have enough hateful asses trashing the USA without the president joining in...