Thursday, 8 December 2016

2016 Best Band In Heaven Support Group

As anyone who has read this blog for any length of time will know, i am the manager/promoter of the Best Band In Heaven which is made up of the best musicians and singers who have taken the trip upstairs through the Pearly Gates.
So far, 2016 has seen our ranks swell considerably as a bumper crop of talented music makers have cashed in their chips but none of this years new arrivals have managed to dislodge the current line up of: Bonham, Lemmy, Strummer, Hendrix and Mercury belting out the tunes.
We did consider either Prince or Bowie replacing Freddie Mercury (especially as Mercury was, as the Devil diplomatically put it while trying to swipe the Queen front man for his Best Band in Hell, as gay as a treeful monkeys on nitrous oxide) but we decided that Mercury was the better singer and God said he would keep him.
With so many musicians and singers kicking their heels it has been decided that for this years Christmas tour, we would have a warm up act consisting of just the musicians who have died this year.
We started with the easy choices, of the list to choose from, the singer had to be Bowie with Prince on lead guitar.
Leonard Cohen fancied his chances but he was quickly told to go do one as was Pete Burns, Prince Buster, that guy from the Beastie Boys and Colonel Abrahams.
The only drummer we have is Dale Griffin from Matt The Hoople so we gave him the sticks and we went with Rainbows Jimmy Bain over the new arrival Gregg Lake on the bass as God hates his 'I Believe In Father Christmas' song.   
With the line up complete and 16 days to practise for the 24th December concert, I have to go and explain to them again why ACDC's 'Highway to Hell' isn't an appropriate opener.
No rest for the wicked they say!!

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