Sunday, 4 December 2016

Trusted Professions 2016

Nurses and doctors are the most trusted profession while Government ministers, estate agents and journalists remain at the bottom of the Trust league according to the Ipsos Mori 2016 Veracity Index which annually assesses which roles are most trusted by the public.
Politicians are trusted by just 15% of people with journalists standing at 24% trusted while at the other end 93% of people trust a nurse.
69% trust the clergy, police get 71% while hairdressers score 68% which is higher than economists and central bankers who have the trust of 48% of people and to honest asking financial advice from the lady who puts in your highlights is a safer bet if the state of the economy is anything to go by.
That said, i wouldn't trust Boris Johnson with a trip to the canteen to buy me a sandwich but we made him Foreign Secretary which explains where we may be going wrong.

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