Friday, 16 December 2016

Trumps First War

It is never clever to make predictions, you can end up looking very foolish when they don't appear, but a safe prediction is that the incoming American President, at some point during his tenure, will have a war.
With Donald Trump in charge of the Worlds most formidable military and with 7,000 nuclear missiles tucked away ready to use, it is an even more frightening thought the man who is widely believe to be the worst possible person to call himself President, will soon be calling himself President.   
Before he has even landed his ample derriere in the Oval Office, he has annoyed the Chinese, the Palestinians and the Iranians and it is towards Tehran that we should be looking for Trump's (first?) War.  
Firstly he has made some eye watering appointments to his team who will be enacting his foreign policy, all who are disdainfully eyeing the Iran nuclear deal.
Possibly in anticipation how how the next few years will play out, the Iranian President has given the go ahead for plans to create nuclear powered warships although the current administration in the White House have played down the news, saying the ships remain within the framework of Iran's original commitments.
Along with the new Trump neo-cons, the  piranha in the tank of the Middle East, Israel, have never supported the Iran deal and were actively pushing to bomb Iran at the time until restrained by the USA.
Another variable is Russia, who Trump appears to be cosying up to and who are very friendly with Iran so which way Putin decides to go could be a deciding factor.  
Throw in that Iran is fighting on the side of America in Syria and that's a massive hornet's nest which Trump may wisely decide shouldn't be poked too firmly.
Then again, the words 'wise' and 'Trump' never seem to sit together so who knows what he is thinking but it appears the Iranians could have decided that they need to make themselves less of a target for the incoming President with a warmongering team looking for a war to wage.


Anonymous said...

You read too many views from leftist leaning journalists and bitter democrats.

Falling on a bruise said...

Or alternatively I have eyes and ears.

Anonymous said...

Add a brain and you have a pesky elite democrat, huh?