Thursday, 15 December 2016

Smiling Politely

Britain has become the first country on the planet to give the go ahead of the 'three parent' baby where the nucleus from the egg of one woman is implanted into the egg of another woman and fertilised from the sperm of the father.
As usual one group are not happy about it and nobody is surprised to hear that it is the religious amongst us who are saying that it is scientists 'playing God'.
As the whole idea is to prevent children being born with devastating genetic diseases, you do wonder if the religious types are happy for children to be condemned to genetic disease where many children die young with mutations to the brain, heart and muscles when we have the power to prevent it.
As science trumps religion in every possible aspect, we should treat with contempt the views of those who would have us back in the dark ages and living our lives according to a God that blatantly doesn't exist.
The progress of science is far too important to be dictated to by the sort of people who would condemn a child to an early death to avoid angering an imaginary person in the sky.
Let's just smile, pat them on the head and then completely ignore them.

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