Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 Predictions Summary

With all that happened in 2016, it must have been a great time to be a psychic and so we can look back at what Canadian Psychic Nikki predicted and see how much she got right. ?

    Fidel Castro dies
    A huge crash at a Formula One race, killing many.     x
    Nile River overflows into Egypt.            x
    Earthquake in Egypt, damaging the pyramids.        x
    A city will turn sideways after earthquake activity    x
    Boat sinks in the Danube River, Hungary        x
    A past President will pass away in a plane crash    x
    Helicopter crashes into Empire State Building    x
    A new breed mixture of dog and cat.            x
    A new President's head at Mount Rushmore.        x
    A change in the British Monarchy            x
    A plane goes into Eiffel Tower in Paris        x
    North Korea attacking South Korea.            x
    Prince Charles will become King             x
    Hillary Clinton becomes the next US President    x
    David Beckham, will split from his wife, Victoria    x
    Justin Bieber will portray Elvis Presley in a film    x
    A pet parrot will kill a movie star.        x
    Change in the British Monarchy            x

With the exception of 90 year old Fidel Castro dying, Canadian Nikki sucked and even got the 50/50 USA President one wrong.
Worst of all it was the worst ever year for celebrity deaths but not one of them went to meet their maker due to a parrot related incident.

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