Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wrong To Celebrate Ponzetto's Death

Hunters don't generate much sympathy and quite rightly so but i can't join in the celebration of the death of Italian hunter Luciano Ponzetto who has died after slipping on ice and falling 100ft down a ravine.
His death occurred while he was out hunting but although he was doing something abhorrent at the time, it's still the death of a person with a family who will mourn him.
Karmic possibly but some of the messages being left on social media where they are to be celebrating his death leave a bad taste in the mouth.
Killing an animal for fun or a thrill is barbaric but celebrating the death of a human being, even a sick one like Ponzetto, is just wrong.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that humans have been hunting animals for sport for thousands of years and you have decided that hunters are sick.

Falling on a bruise said...

Killing things for sport is the act of a sick mind. Something very wrong there.