Sunday, 11 December 2016

Computer Decision Makers

A throwaway line about 'computers controlling everything' got me thinking, what if they did?
When you consider that the financial collapse was in 2008 and eight years on we are still under austerity measures and with yet more to come, the politicians are blatantly not up to the job.
The very people we elect we improve things are doing the exact opposite and politicians of all flavour's don't seem to have the answer so maybe it is time to think of an alternative decision making regime, computers.
Computers now regularly pass the Turing test where they out-think us humans so if the problems of the World are so complex why leave the decision making to fallible Presidents and Prime Ministers where mistakes are fatal when you can have complex problems solved by machines that can think faster, better and with more clarity than we do like in an Isaac Asimov novel.
We wouldn't need politicians or elections, just a workforce to feed it all the information there is about economic and political conditions and out comes the judgement free from human bias, or as free from human bias as you can get while there are humans involved in the process.
If artificial intelligence beats the best human brains in practically every field, why not let them make the big decisions?
Of course the increase in AI does have a creepy side, what's to say that at some point the machines view us as the cause of all the Worlds problems and decide that what the World needs is less of us humans around mucking things up?
No doubt, a future where major political decisions are made by machines is disconcerting, but looking at some of the people in power or coming into power very soon, isn’t the human way equally worrying?

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