Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Obama Stiffing Trump Before He Goes

Obama seems to have come up with a great wheeze to stop Donald Trump and his band of not so merry men from following him running roughshod over everything by passing laws before he goes and making them permanent.
The current President has issued a ban on new oil and gas drilling in 120 million acres of US waters off the coast of Alaska and in the Atlantic in response to Trump saying that he will expand offshore oil and gas drilling.
Environmental groups say that the ban will be too difficult for future presidents to reverse and the White House has said the language of the statute does not give authority to future presidents to undo it.
As yet Donald Trump has not responded with a mispelled tweet but maybe there were women in the room and his hands were elsewhere but he will probably scrawl something childlike soon enough.
It is a great thing Obama has done though, not only protecting the environment but hamstringing Trump before he gets his greedy little ginger tinged mitts on things so he should expand the practise and push through more laws that Trump can't undo.
As Trump is a nutter surrounding himself with warmongering crackpots, he could abandon nuclear weapons and turn all the silos into flowerbeds before disbanding the military and making them all gardeners.
He could pass an irreversible law that states anyone who voted for Donald Trump, laughs at Seinfeld or believes in God are now deemed mentally challenged and therefore unable to vote or handle a knife and fork.
Then on the way out of the door, make all fast food restaurants close and be turned into Charity shops and anyone who takes a fancy can keep a gun but make it illegal to own bullets.
As a very last law, just as he is fishing out the front door keys to hand over and the removal van is idling on the driveway, announce that it is law that a new series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer HAS to be made.
Then he can scoot off into the sunset knowing that the ginger wigged sexual deviant who has taken his job will be spending the next four years just twiddling his tiny little thumbs and avoiding Nigel Farage.


Anonymous said...

Very emotional Blow hard post. Did Hillary hack your account?

Falling on a bruise said...

Nyet Russians here comrade.

Anonymous said...

Bah ha ha

Funny girl