Saturday, 17 December 2016

Dictionary On Your Xmas List Donald?

When you see Donald Trump you get a strong feeling that either nobody has the cojones to take him to one side and say Donald, the hair, the orange skin, you look a complete knob mate or he just doesn't realise just how much of a fool he looks.
Obviously when you hear him speak it just confirms that nobody has taken him to one side for
a quiet ear in his shell-like if the assault on the eyes and ears isn't enough, he has decided that he also wants to make himself look a dingbat in writing also, hence the Twitter account.
So we are treated to the Trump tweet that the Chinese seizure of a US drone in the South China Sea was 'an unpresidented act'.  
Two hours later, when a grown up had presumably read it,  the tweet was deleted and replaced by one with unprecedented correctly spelt. 
Amusingly the media did the now normal 'lets laugh at the incoming idiot' report rather than the story which is that China plucked an American drone that was 'collecting scientific data' out of the sea and America are asking for it back. 
Despite him telling us how intelligent he is, having the spelling skills of a 7 year old does not prove he will be an awful President but, well, have a look America and ponder that he is about to spend the next four years representing your country in the wide World.
I am sure that the simpleton will be treated with all the respect he deserves, as the already regular mocking of him proves but to be fair, he does make it easy.

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