Friday, 6 May 2016

Another Tory U-Turn

With the council election results dripping in throughout the day, today was a good day to bury bad or embarrassing news which is exactly the what the Government have done, slipping it out quietly that the flagship policy of forcing all schools to become academies has been dropped.    
After months of staunchly defending the policy which would see schools removed from local council control, the Conservative spokesman wheeled out to whisper the announcement explained that the Government had 'listened to concerns' and were taking their plans back to the drawing board only days after the education secretary, Nicky Morgan, insisted they were still going ahead.
It could be they listened, it could be the looming risk of strike action from teachers or it could be that the Conservatives woke up to the fact that it was a vote loser but whatever reason, the Conservatives had made another U-turn on a policy and so we can now see if they are willing to listen to concerns about the NHS.

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