Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How Can Nigeria Be Corrupt?

The Prime Minister has been overheard claiming Nigeria and Afghanistan are 'two of the most corrupt countries in the world', but is he right?
Not according to Transparency International (TI) who have Nigeria 30th in their corruption league table although Afghanistan is proudly sat in second place.
The TI top ten most corrupt countries countdown is North Korea as most corrupt followed by Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Angola, South Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Haiti and Guinea-Bissau.
Some may be surprised that Britain is 158 out of the 168 countries listed which makes us almost so clean we practically squeak especially in light of all the recent dodgy expenses claims and Tax evasion revelations.
What some more sharp eyed readers may notice is that the top ten contains three countries where we have overthrown the ruling regime recently and installed our own guys to run things. How's that working out then?
Besides, Nigeria cant be that corrupt, only recently i received an email telling me that i was the recipient of a couple of million pounds left to me by a relative i didn't even realise i had and all i had to do was to send them my bank details and they would transfer it into my account.
Okay, so it may be taking longer than expected but how can a country be corrupt when they are going out of their way to contact people and hand over millions when they could have kept quiet and kept it to themselves.
Expecting it in my account any day now, thanks Nigeria!

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