Saturday, 14 May 2016

Bath Da Bomb

I have never understood how a 500lb bomb could have been dropped and not noticed in a city but we keep finding German bombs dropped 70 years ago and another has turned up under a school playground in Bath.
At some point someone must have noticed a bloody great crater with a bomb in it and said 'can't see a problem with just concreting over that' and built a playground on it.
Anyway, an unexploded World War Two bomb which was discovered in a school playground in Bath has been destroyed after being driven out of the city on the back of a lorry and a brilliant photo of men in hard hats and reflective yellow jackets dragging around an unexploded bomb safe in the knowledge that a hard hat would keep them safe if the 500lb monster went off.
Some wags are saying that it was a missed opportunity to have got rid of Bath once and for all but i have been to Bath several times and i know that if that bomb had gone off there it would have destroyed most of the city which experts estimate would have caused approximately £40 worth of damage.