Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Why Is NATO Still Poking Russia?

I don't understand the NATO strategy when it comes to dealing with Russia or what they hope to gain from today's military exercises in Estonia which take them all the way up to Russia’s border.
While tensions between Russia and the West are already tense, to act so provocatively on Russia's doorstep is not only dangerous but could so easily spin out of control.
The West are always in need of a bogeyman to justify spending hundreds of billions on weapons, listen to the UK's need to spend £130 billion to replace Trident as evidence, and the West have decided that Putin and Russia is it which flings us back to the Cold War years.
Moscow cannot be expected to just accept NATO expanding and holding military exercises all the way up to its borders and will retaliate as it feels boxed in so someone at NATO needs to show some common sense and stop poking a massive military power with a big stick because at some point it will bite back and the frightening consequences that holds.


Keep Life Simple said...

I think the incursion into the Ukraine by rilussia has something to do with NATO behavior

Falling on a bruise said...

I think it is more to do with the west using it as a justification to spend lots on weapons and expand nato under the guise of keeping them safe from attacking Russian hordes. Dangerous game.

Keep Life Simple said...

That is viable