Thursday, 19 May 2016

No Birdies At Muirfield

Women aren't allowed on Mount Athos in Greece for religious reasons. In fact, even female animals are banned and it is all due to a legend that the Virgin Mary herself was shipwrecked there and for 1,000 years other women have been excluded so the monks there can focus entirely on her.
Of course there are many examples of sexism in the Church but you also find a hotbed of bigoted males packing a putter and a 5-iron as the world of Golf also has a problem with 50% of the World's population.
Facing a choice of admitting women members to their club or being removed from hosting The Open, the members of Muirfield decided it was more important to keep women out and voted accordingly to which the Scottish club has now been removed from the roster of clubs which host the tournament.
The justification from the 'no' campaigners among the Muirfield members had cited concerns about slow play and making women 'feel uncomfortable' among the 'risks' of admitting female members.
I assume the cheque for Donald Trump's membership is already in the post.

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Keep Life Simple said...

Having played a lot of golf I can attest that I have only played golf with one woman that was not painfully slow...