Saturday, 28 May 2016

Pull The Other One Tony

Considering he is soon due to be 'brutally savaged' in the Chilcot report into the Iraq war, Tony Blair is doing the complete opposite of keeping his head down and here he is again on the television chirping that the real reason that people don't like him is because he won three elections.
'There are people who disagree with me for reasons that they say are to do with, say, Iraq but actually are to do with the fact I won three elections for the Labour Party and they didn't like it' he explained.
If we split his quote into two then we can all agree that their are plenty of people who disagree with him, but to not like him because he won three elections is fanciful enough to stray into delusion.
A Yougov poll puts the top reasons he is disliked is due to taking part in the US-led invasion of Iraq (56%), allowing Britain's foreign policy to be dictated by the United States (34%) and bringing politics into disrepute (26%).
The same Yougov poll has him top of the list of retired politicians whose support would most be a liability to active politicians today (47%) so pull the other one Tony, nobody dislikes you for winning elections, it is all about Iraq and we can only hope that your shortly to be launched savaging is as brutal as we are being led to believe because you deserve it.

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