Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Over To You Scully

The X-Files told us the truth is out there but if it is then the latest place is India. 
In January Indian Air Force (IAF) radar controllers identified a strange shaped object near the border of India and Pakistan and scrambled a fighter jet to intercept it.
The pilot shot down the object and wreckage of the unidentified object fell nearby where IAF officials quickly moved to recover the parts.
The IAF only revealed that they have found five triangular pieces of metal that are undergoing further
examination and put out the 'official explanation' that the object was that old faithful, a weather balloon.
However, villagers in the area offer more details to this story, saying that during the chase by the fighter pilot they heard a serious of loud explosions which reverberated through the area and damaged buildings.
Eerie parallels with the famous 1947 Roswell incident in the United States with the same explanation of a 'weather balloon'.
Another one to put in the files marked 'Nothing to see here', especially as it is currently being held out of sight under high security in an Indian laboratory.

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