Monday, 30 May 2016

Tory EU Implosion A Welcome Bonus

There are still 24 days to go until the EU Referendum and i am quietly confident that we are not going anywhere which means that i can enjoy what has been an unexpected bonus, the Conservative Party is ripping itself apart over it.  
Cabinet ministers on either side of the EU fence are savaging each other and there is talk of a leadership challenge to David Cameron whether he triumphs or not and even an election before Christmas so the best possible outcome would be for David Cameron to win and then another election and the Tories being removed from office, an early Christmas Present for the UK.
It really has become spiteful with friends turning on friends and straying outside of the confines of the EU debate and just rubbishing each other generally to push their point about why the EU is evil/brilliant (delete as applicable).
After weeks of to-ing and fro-ing most people have already decided which way they will vote, if they vote at all, and the two campaigns have settled into what they see as their strongest selling points. 
The Remain camp bang the economic drum while the Brexit gang have decided to keep the focus on immigration but they are finding it hard to not sound like xenophobic nutjobs with their 'they come over here, live on benefits and take our homes and jobs' spiel.   
Not that i have any sympathy for them but when you have xenophobic nutters such as UKIP, BNP and League on your side things will spin out a certain way and you will get tarnished with the Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin brush.
No serious political figure in the world has come out in favour of Brexit, no serious economic forecaster has come out saying that Brexit will be good for the UK economy and even on immigration, to continue dealing with the EU we will have to accept the free movement of EU members so all the control our borders talk has been misdirection so i am relaxed we will stay in the EU but the Conservative Party implosion is a nice and welcome bonus.

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