Monday, 30 May 2016

Is There Life On Mars?

A funny Seinfeld episode or a nice Conservative Politician are two things that i have not seen and to the list i can add the Mars Opposition because a quick look outside shows its raining so the telescope stays in the case and it's a night in with Eastenders.
Mars reaches its closest approach to Earth for 11 years this evening at 21:35GMT when the red planet will be just 75 million kilometres away.
A close approach between Earth and Mars, known as opposition, occurs every 2 years and two months and takes place because our planet catches up with Mars and undertakes it.
Nevertheless, the ESA are not put off by a spot of rain and have taken advantage of the shorter distance between us and Mars by launching a probe to look for evidence of Martian life.
As Seinfeld has since hung up his microphone and Conservative politicians are genetically abhorrent we will never see these anomalies corrected but Mars will be back even closer in 2018, only 58 million km, so put your feet up, stay inside in the dry and eat chocolate instead.

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