Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Weakening The Armed Forces

General Rose has stuck his head above the parapet to say that the EU has weakened Britain's Armed Forces.
He said: 'European law, in my view, has already seriously undermined UK's combat effectiveness and today our service men and women are in danger of becoming no more than civilians in uniform'.
What better excuse could there be for wanting to stay in the EU then the British army being unable to go to war, the more British soldiers we have sitting in their barracks being civilian rather than out shooting up other countries the better.  
Throw in that the USA Airforce is struggling under budget restraints and can't afford to take delivery of the 48 new F-35's it ordered and that is two of the three most warmongering nations military being held back from it's usual shenanigans. 
If only Israel can now go belly up, and it might yet considering America funds it, we may finally get less war and conflict in the World as they are forced to reach for carrots as the sticks are too expensive.

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