Monday, 23 May 2016

Trump Leads Clinton In Polls

The latest presidential polling average shows the Republican candidate Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by 0.2 percentage points.
While pundits never gave Trump a chance of becoming the Republican nomination, when he did they then said that he has no chance of becoming President but his chances of winning the White House seem to be rising November but with the election still six months away it could be too early to panic just yet.
The same pundits are now saying that when it comes down to it the racist, fear mongering, divisive, misogynistic Trump with his schoolyard bullying tactics and childish temper tantrums will still be trounced by Hillary and i agree because Sanders will soon have to concede the nomination and his supporters will have to decide whether to support Trump, abstain, vote 3rd party, or vote Clinton and my guess would be that most will find Trump so utterly disgusting a prospect that they will feel that they have no choice but to vote Clinton.
Meanwhile the International 'We don't want Trump to win' campaign was joined by North Korea of all places, with a spokesman for the Supreme Leader dismissing a meeting between them and Trump as 'nonsense' and 'useless'.
When even the harshest regime in the world are not keen to shake Trumps little hands then you know you are unpopular but while we may still laugh at the prospect of Trump becoming American leader, i think back to 2004 when it was inconceivable that Americans would vote George W Bush back into Office but they did so there is also the wonder of erratic American voting to throw into the mix.

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