Sunday, 8 May 2016

Best Band In Heaven Reshuffle

For anyone that has been paying attention over the past few years, God came to me a while back and asked me to put together a band for Jesus's birthday party made up of the dead musicians he had lounging around on clouds in heaven.
After some thought (and the bribe of some hard drugs) the band we ended up with was Ron Wilson of the Safari's on drums, Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy on bass, rhythm guitar was handed to Joe Strummer and lead to Jimi Hendrix with a warning to not do any of that weird feedback crap.
Freddie Mercury was picked as the man front and center wearing spandex and doing that trademark punch thing.
Since the band was formed, we have had many tours of other heavens such as Nirvana, Mitclan, Gan Eden, Valhalla, Tir Na Nog and Vaikuntha but i had God on the phone to me the other day saying that his place had been inundated with new musical arrivals recently and do we need to freshen up the band for the Heaven's festival season.
He listed the names of newly deceased musicians as David Bowie, Lemmy, Prince, Billy Paul, Maurice White, Jimmy Bain, and Glen Frey.      
I agreed to take Lemmy and broke the bad news to Phil Lynott that he was dumped and we debated whether to take Prince or stick with Mercury and we ended up agreeing Prince was too weird and stuck with Mercury. 
As we were having a shuffle i decided to replace Wilson for John Bonham of Led Zepplin so the new 'Best band In Heaven' is now Bonham, Lemmy, Strummer, Hendrix and Mercury belting out the tunes.
He did say that he also wanted a word about the playlist and he wasn't happy about the inclusion of 'Sympathy for the Devil', 'Highway to Hell', 'Heaven can Wait' and 'Friend of the Devil' but the line suddenly went very crackly and we were cut off, oh well.

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