Friday, 26 January 2018

Brexit Referendum Take 2

As we now have an idea what catastrophic stupidity Brexit would be the option for a second referendum is being floated and according to ICM Survey in one of the largest nationwide opinion polls 58% of people favour re-asking the question.
The most cited reason is the concern about the negative impact leaving will have on the UK economy but Brexiteers and Remainers want another referendum for entirely different reasons.
The Brexiters want to win and therefore put an end to any argument that it is not what the British people want while the Remainers want to bring an end to the whole debacle and kill it stone cold dead.
Theresa May is moving unblinkingly towards Brexit but it is the Labour Party who have the power to be the King-Makers as if they shift there policy to Remain, they will blow away the Conservatives when they fall down as they are on course to do as they knife each other in the back.
I am still confident that Brexit won't happen, it would be self-inflicted economic suicide but it is just how we get there but the nation seems to be coming to the conclusion as we hear the details that it would be sheer madness.

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